A study visit of tourist bloggers in the Świętokrzyskie Geopark

Tomorrow, a group of 9 travel bloggers will start their visit to Świętokrzyskie Province. Until Sunday, influencers will learn about selected attractions in the UNESCO and Ponidzie Geopark Świętokrzyski Geopark.

Travel bloggers are active and experienced travelers, seekers of unique attractions and regional flavors. Their travel reports on blogs and on social media are watched by thousands of Internet users looking for inspiration for their next trip or short trip.

Internet travelers know and like each other privately. Due to their busy schedule and life of constant travels, they rarely have the opportunity to meet and share the joy of traveling. However, they will have such an opportunity this weekend in Świętokrzyskie, because the Regional Tourist Organization of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, the Marshal’s Office of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship, the editorial board of the TymRazem.pl blog with the substantive support of the Świętokrzyski Geopark and the Local Tourist Organization “Moc Ponidzia” organized a several-day meeting of authors of popular blogs in our region.

– The blogosphere is becoming more and more important in the tourism promotion of the region – emphasizes Marcin Piętak, president of the Regional Tourist Organization of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. – Many people follow in the footsteps of their favorite influencers and go to places whose authentic and honest recommendations they have seen on Instagram or blog.

On October 15-17, our region will be visited by 6 editorial offices – Celwpodrozy.pl, Voyagerka.pl, Antekwpodrozy.pl, Przekraczajacgranice.pl, Podrozniczo.pl, Wszedobylscy.com. They will be accompanied by Jakub Juszyński from the editorial office of the TymRazem.pl blog related to the region. Bloggers would not be themselves if they did not tell their fans about their impressions from a short visit to Święotkrzyskie. Soon, we can expect the first reports from the stay in Świętokrzyskie at their website and social media addresses.

Already this evening, the group will take an evening walk around Kielce. By discovering other attractions of the Świętokrzyski Geopark, the participants will follow the footsteps of the Earth and Man on Saturday. The program includes the facilities of Geonatura Kielce: Geoeducation Center in Wietrznia, Kadzielnia and the Botanical Garden as well as two attractions located in the Chęciny commune: the Góra Miedzianka reserve and the Royal Castle. The day full of attractions will end in Ponidzie, where in one of the vineyards bloggers will taste dishes from local products included in the prestigious list of traditional products – damachy plum or wójczański garlic.

After an active Saturday, we will allow ourselves a bit of relaxation in two health resorts in Świętokrzyskie – Busko-Zdrój and Solec-Zdrój. Influencers will get to know the offer of the Mineral Pools and this year’s hit – the brine graduation tower in Busko-Zdrój.

– Study visits are a great opportunity to get to know known and less known places. – says Jakub Juszyński from TymRazem.pl. – The program of this event is intense, but thanks to this, in a nutshell, we will try to interest our guests in our region. Such a form will never cover all places, but it is supposed to inspire further visits and show the possibilities!
We will definitely show ourselves from the best side!

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